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Our Story.

A Veterinary breakthrough prioritising the well-being of your livestock and the people who care for them. 

The Soletech Dehorner revolutionises adult cattle dehorning, prioritising efficiency and animal welfare. Combining modern tech and ergonomic design, it eases strain on practitioners and enhances cattle well-being. A testament to innovation, it elevates veterinary standards while ensuring health and safety.

Our Founder.

David Sole

Our founder and director is a veterinarian and physiotherapist with experience in both public and private health sectors around the world. As the inventor of the Soletech Dehorner and Fetotomizer, he brings a unique perspective to our team.

In addition to his invention prowess, our founder is skilled in consulting, team leadership, delegation, public speaking, and innovation. He is dedicated to promoting a sustainable and efficient future in animal care through his work at Soletech.

Our Mission.


Soletech priorities sustainable and ethical animal care, adhering to strict regulations and advocating for welfare standards in New Zealand.


Our commitment to ethical research is demonstrated through thorough review by our Animal Ethics Committee and voluntary participation in the ANZCAART Openness Agreement.


By aligning with international best practices, we strive to improve animal welfare standards globally, fostering positive outcomes while minimising harm to animals.


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